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"The pursuit of balance never felt so comfortable."

The ChakFit Yoga Mat is the classic yoga mat for the modern yogi. This is a Premium 1/4 inch thick double layer TPE Mat. Being 72 inches in length and 24 inches wide, this mat is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, stretching and some calisthenic exercises. This eco friendly mat is made from TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is a material with high elasticity of rubber, high strength, high spring back ability, but also has the characteristic of injection molding processing. Environmental non-toxic safety, wide hardness range, excellent dyeability, texture soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, the processing performance is superior, no vulcanization, and can be recycled to reduce pollution. This yoga mat isn't just for women that do yoga. Even a man can bring this mat to the gym with confidence. Other yoga mats are pastel in appearance and most exercise mats are so thick they are only good for sit-ups. Not to mention they are heavy and not much fun to carry. The light weight and sleek design of a ChakFit yoga mat sets a new standard in the fitness community.

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